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Innovation at the heart of our projects 

Even after 55 years of engineering experience, gbi is still passionate about innovation. Whether it’s sustainable development, energy efficiency or any other fieldgbi wants to lead by creating a portfolio of projects that will make tomorrow’s world a better one. 

Place Bell 

This smart building, a true community gathering place, boasts more than 10,000 seats and can be converted into an auditorium or convention centre. Place Bell also features two ice rinks: one Olympic-sized, and the other for skating, with a 2,500-spectator capacity. This large-scale project, delivered “turnkey” in less than 28 months, was awarded the 2015 Canada BIM Council CanBIM Innovation Prize. 

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Place Bell

ÉTS Student House 

With this original LEED NC design, gbi participated in the construction of a high-end building dedicated to education. 

The high energy-efficient performance is due to the use of a plenum that retrieves energy from outdoor and indoor spaces for heating and air conditioning, creating a setting conducive to learning while contributing to the environment.  

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ÉTS Student House.

Turcot Interchange

The interchange consists of 15 complex aerial structures with six kilometres of ramps up to 30 metres high and a 470 metres railway tunnel. The various ramps overlook a number of obstacles, including the Lachine Canal, several CN rail lines and an old railroad yard. 

Taking into account concepts used for the reconstruction of the Turcot interchange, gbi paid particular attention to dismantling methods. The dismantling was carried out by mechanical demolition using high-reach hydraulic shovels fitted with a jaw or hammer. Several innovative stabilization, protection and vibration control systems were developed by means of
three-dimensional modeling of the ramps, using plans "as built" during the original construction and subsequent modifications and repairs to structures.

Turcot interchange.

CHUM Research Centre in Montreal 

The University of Montreal Hospital Research Centre (CRCHUM) relies on 1,300 people active in the following research themes: cancer, cardiometabolics, infection, immunity, inflammation, musculoskeletal diseases, neuroscience, health risks, global health and health care systems and services. Thanks to certain design decisions, such as the choice of an external and remote energy plant with sustainable development expectations, gbi estimates a 28% reduction in energy use compared to the Model National Energy Code for Buildings (MNECB) reference building. 

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Verdun Urban Beach

The site covers a surface area of ​​approximately 15,000 m². It includes naturalized areas and wildlife management areas.

Since the shoreline development is located directly above an old landfill site, excavation and leveling work, but mainly soil decontamination were necessary. Throughout the project, significant measures were taken to avoid any contamination of the site. A waterproof membrane had to be installed, in an undrained environment, under the sand on the shoreline with the objective of preventing groundwater from contaminating the sand.

Verdun Urban Beach.