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Karine Thibault

Karine Thibault: The unifier

A versatile, cheerful jokester, Karine Thibault loves adding to the atmosphere at work and bringing her team together. With a diploma of vocational studies in secretarial arts, she has worked at gbi since 1999. After working as an assistant in the infrastructure and water treatment department for 15 years, she is now the proposal coordinator.

Why did you choose gbi?

“At the time, I had been recommended by the vocational training centre where I earned my diploma and worked after completing my studies,” explained Karine. “I knew nothing about engineering, but I loved the first impression I got during the interview. Right from the start, I felt unmatched respect and I was highly regarded. During my 22-year career, I’ve never thought about changing employers.”

What is your biggest success?

“We always work very hard on each of our proposals, but there’s one that makes me particularly proud,” said Karine. “For an invitation to tender for an overpass project in Brossard, we were given a technical score of 99.4%. It’s rare to get such a score, especially considering that it was done in two days, meaning that it was very high-quality work. I’m very proud of it.”

What are the challenges in your work?

“I would say that we have daily challenges, since no two proposals are the same. We are constantly trying to find solutions and new ways of working to facilitate the work of our team members and project leads who collaborate on drafting proposals. As gbi is a fast-growing company, opening new departments was a sizeable challenge for our teams.”

In your opinion, what makes gbi stand out?

“Respect for employees, benefits and the work climate are prized values for me,” said Karine. “Our flexible schedules, which I love, and the trust of management are also advantages.”

gbi in 3 words for Karine

Respect, benefits, team