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With over 55 years of experience and a team of 350 employees, gbi has honed its skills in several sectors.

Engineering, design and construction supervision

Engineering is gbi’s core expertise. Bolstered by its many major projects that have shaped the Quebec landscape, gbi wants to continue to push its expertise further, because engineering is more than a passion. The multidisciplinary, dynamic and human scale aspects of the team give it great agility and offer its customer base a personalized approach.

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To meet current and future challenges, gbi decided to add a dedicated team of engineers, professionals and specialist scientists to its ranks. 

gbi’s innovative approach in creating green and sustainable solutions has earned the firm a number of awards and distinctions over the years, including several LEED certifications.

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Sustainable development

Thanks to its devoted team of engineers, professionals and specialized scientists, gbi can help you design projects that won’t jeopardize our collective future through solutions that meet the most stringent environmental standards and through green infrastructure projects that communities will get excited about.

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Sustainable development.

Project management

Regardless of the scale of your projects, gbi can successfully complete every phase, from planning to grand opening—whether through a traditional or turnkey approach, or a public-private partnership.

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Project management.


gbi’s team is able to handle all aspects of major demolition projects, including studies and analyses; planning; risk management; plans and specifications; and work supervision, all while following best management practices for runoff water (BMP) and, depending on the project, maintaining traffic during the demolition.

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Smart systems

gbi also installs smart systems to establish smart cities, transportation and buildings, both through dynamic traffic lights to help enhance city traffic flow, and through smart systems for lighting tunnels or heating buildings. These solutions contribute to community well-being and to significant energy savings.

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Smart systems.


In preparation for major infrastructure work, gbi can carry out surveying work for complex projects requiring unfailing precision and thoroughness.

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Entrusting your large-scale projects to gbi means ensuring that a strong team of architects, scientists and specialized professionals use building information modelling (BIM).

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3D surveys

Not only is gbi able to model its projects, but the firm can also create or work with 3D surveys of existing buildings for greater detail in project preparation and construction.

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Commissioning and optimization

gbi can assist you in every phase of your project, from commissioning to optimization, for a smooth grand opening and operational efficiency once commissioning is completed.

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