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Martin Giard, tech.

Martin Giard: The rational technician

Creating plans whose standards are always changing: this is what motivates Martin Giard to devote himself to his work. With a diploma of vocational studies (DVS) in building design, he has more than 25 years of experience as a building structural technician. This year, he celebrated a decade at gbi in the structure department.

When he is not busy with his family or at work, he actively watches the markets and the economy, passions he discovered a few years ago.

Why did you choose structure?

“It was a combination of factors,” explained Martin. “Initially, I was thinking of going into architecture because I love drawing. I enrolled in CÉGEP in building mechanics, but I felt it wasn’t the place for me.”
“I then chose to do a DVS in building design,” continued Martin. “At the time, there weren’t many jobs, and the economic recovery was in its early stages. A friend referred me to a job in structure, which is how my career got started.”

What is your biggest success?

“Working at gbi allowed me to get bigger and better projects, which relaunched my career. At my previous job, I kind of felt that I had plateaued. Now, I work on a lot of residential condo tower projects, like the Lowney and the 21e Arrondissement, and more recently Le Newman, which is under construction. These are multi-stage projects, and it’s very rewarding.”

What does a structural technician do?

“Based on the architect’s plans, along with the engineer, we are responsible for strategically positioning the structure within the architectural envelope so that the building can stand. We constantly have to juggle between the client’s budget and the architects’ imagination. Each project is a challenge in itself, but there is always a solution.”

Why did you choose gbi?

“One of my colleagues was approached by gbi and he suggested that I come with him. I saw an opportunity there, since the department was in full expansion.”
“There were just four of us at the time, but now there are almost 30 of us at the Longueuil office. In 10 years, I’ve received several offers from other companies, but I never thought about switching. I’m lucky to be able to work on many interesting projects and I like my team, management and the social side of gbi.”

gbi in three words for Martin

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