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Mélissa Breton-Dufour, ing., M. Sc. A

Mélissa Breton-Dufour: The leader

From an early age, Mélissa Breton-Dufour has always been curious about the world around her and has constantly sought answers to all of her questions.

With a bachelor’s in construction engineering and a master’s in hydrology from the École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Mélissa quickly found her niche in the sector.

Never at a loss for words, this leader chases after her goals. Working in gbi’s infrastructure department since 2017, she quickly earned the title of head of the hydraulics and hydrology team.

Why did you choose hydraulic engineering and hydrology?

“I’ve always been interested in why and how things work,” revealed Mélissa. “I’m someone who asks a lot of questions. That’s why I chose engineering. I chose hydrology during my bachelor’s studies because a professor shared her passion with me. Then, I had the opportunity to do an internship in Mexico with her to conduct field tests in a drainage basin, which confirmed my choice,” said Mélissa.

What has been your biggest success so far?

“Without hesitation, my master’s in two languages and two countries!” exclaimed Mélissa.
“My four-month internship at the University of Veracruz, Mexico, was a big accomplishment for me. This experience prepared me for all kinds of adversity, as I had only long-distance support from my program co-directors while having to adapt to a country with a different language and way of doing things. Presenting my research project entirely in Spanish, in front of a class of 150 students, at the end of my internship makes me particularly proud,” she added.

What’s it like being a woman in engineering?

“I’ve never really felt a difference. I’m someone who doesn’t let herself get walked all over. There are just two of us girls in the department and I feel that it’s to my benefit, since my colleagues often refer to me. I always have a quick answer for them.”

 What have been your greatest challenges so far?

“I’ve often felt that my age and lack of experience in the area, both with my team and with clients, was my biggest challenge,” said Mélissa. “I was able to find my niche despite this, but I had to make myself stand out through my expertise and superior technical experience.”

Why did you choose gbi?

“When I finished my master’s, I didn’t want to be just another fish in the sea. I was looking for a close relationship with all the members of the extended work team, and gbi was able to give that to me. I’m able to speak with the company president in the same way as with my direct team.”

In your opinion, what makes gbi stand out?

“I think that what makes gbi stand out is the strength of its multidisciplinary teams and the accessibility of the departments. Our team is the perfect balance between several senior members who are well known in the field and have tremendous technical knowledge, and a great pool of ambitious young employees who are eager to learn and outdo themselves.”

gbi in 3 words for Mélissa 

Expertise, authenticity, family