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Nicolas Martin, Eng., M.Eng.

Nicolas Martin: a co-director who’s approachable, disciplined and dedicated

An athlete through-and-through, which shows in his dedication, discipline and thoroughness, Nicolas Martin skilfully balances work and family life, as the father of three young children.

A two-time McGill University graduate, Nicolas earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Civil Engineering, with a major in environment. He has worked at gbi for over 13 years in water treatment. He is now the co-director of this department and is particularly proud of the team that he helped build. One of his daily challenges is keeping the people around him motivated and engaged. 

For Nicolas, a good boss is someone who works as hard as his employees, often even harder. He believes it’s important to set the example, to be available at all times to answer questions and to support his team.


Why did you choose water treatment?

“Water treatment is a field where the focus is on sustainable development. Our projects improve people’s environment and quality of life and have positive benefits for society. It’s very rewarding work.”

What is your advice for those starting in the field?

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” said Nicolas. “Always maintain human contact by calling a colleague or client, where appropriate, in order to keep the relationship and bond of trust intact.” He adds that training is equally important. “You have to constantly continue to learn, particularly from those with more seniority than you. Having one or more mentors is also very helpful.”

Nicolas Martin considers that supervision of new employees is essential. That’s why he monitors new recruits to ensure that things are going well. He believes it’s very important to support his teammates by giving them a certain level of autonomy and by trusting them, aspects that he values very much at work.


gbi in 3 words for Nicolas

Inspiring, opportunity, human

Nicolas believes that what sets gbi apart from its competitors is its size and family-like culture. In addition, the fact that it is less hierarchical means that employees are closer to management, which makes everything more organic and gratifying.

The company’s human values are what speak to Nicolas most, and what he especially likes is the opportunity to play a decision-making role in the future of the company.