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We can help you
in the application
of the newest
sanitary measures.

In the current context of exceptional health measures,
gbi professionals are able to provide you with the necessary
training based on the newest health requirements established
by the Government of Quebec and the CNESST.

Our services to ensure the health and safety of the staff on your construction sites.

Industrial hygiene, health and safety at work (OHS).

  • Occupational risk prevention program
  • OHS training
  • On-site monitoring and inspection
  • Procedures and work instructions
  • Emergency plan
  • Understanding and applying government laws and regulations

Description of the services offered:

  • Validation and production of procedures and work instructions

  • Verification to the conformity of the hazardous materials storage

  • Hazardous material inventories

  • Industrial hygiene:

    • COVID-19

    • Asbestos

    • Lead

    • Mold

    • Hazardous material

    • Closed space

  • Writing of technical notes

  • Writing technical notes Identification of OSH risks and verification of regulatory compliance
  • Professional advice

  • Planning and cost management

  • Adaptation of current OSH guidelines and requirements

For more information on the formation

Contact our Vice-President, Environment and Project Management, Ms. Kateri Normandeau.


    438 520-4085