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Pierre-Luc Roy, Ing., PMP®, ENV SP

Pierre-Luc Roy: a leader who listens to his peers!

Senior Director of the Transport Department, Pierre-Luc thrives on projects that come with numerous challenges. He brings a wealth of experience to the gbi team. His main goal is to lead his team to success by fostering an environment where everyone can flourish and contribute significantly.

A great athlete, Pierre-Luc has several passions and hobbies, waiting for you to discover!

Wherever he goes, his faithful dog Scott is never far away.

Can you tell us about your professional journey and how you joined our team?

"I graduated in civil engineering from Laval University and began my career in the field of bridges and infrastructure. Over the years, I climbed the ranks, evolving successively as a team leader and then moving into management positions. This eventually led me to join the gbi team, where I serve as the Senior Director for the Transport group."

Apart from your work, what are your interests and how do they contribute to your professional and personal balance?

"As an entrepreneur at heart, part of my personal time is dedicated to managing my real estate holdings. The rest of my activities encompass a varied range of interests, such as alpine skiing, cycling, gym sessions, my social life, and moments shared with my dog, Scott. Additionally, I also enjoy exploring my artistic side through painting. This diversity of activities allows me to disconnect easily from the professional world, refresh my ideas, and it can have beneficial effects, although sometimes it can also pose a challenge."

Which project has had the greatest impact on you and why?

"The project that has had the most significant impact on my career is undoubtedly the first Public-Private Partnership (PPP) I completed. It involved extending Highway 25 between Montreal and Laval. At the time, I was still early in my career, and this opportunity truly propelled my professional trajectory. It was an experience rich in technical lessons and project management. The obstacles encountered were moments of learning that contributed to shaping my understanding of the field. This project was more than just a professional achievement; it marked the beginning of a series of learnings and challenges that shaped my career. The lessons learned from this experience continue to guide my approach to projects."

What professional values are important to you in your daily work?

"Integrity, collaboration, and respect are essential values for me. Integrity guides my actions, prompting me to act honestly and transparently in all professional situations. Collaboration is a fundamental value that fosters a harmonious work environment where everyone's ideas and skills are respected and valued. Respect, on the other hand, is at the core of my professional interactions, encouraging me to treat my colleagues, clients, and partners with consideration and an open mind."

What makes you a good leader?

"Definitely my ability to listen attentively, to be close to my colleagues, and to possess developed emotional intelligence. My listening skills enable me to understand the needs and concerns of my team, thus fostering a harmonious work environment. Being close to people strengthens bonds and trust within the group, creating an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and productivity."

gbi in 3 words for Pierre-Luc:

"Resilience, perseverance, team"