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Fibre-Optic Network and Electrical Services at Parc Jean-Drapeau

Known worldwide thanks to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Parc Jean-Drapeau welcomes thousands of visitors from around the globe each year. Teams of information technology experts from gbi were tasked with installing a fibre-optic network and electrical services as part of the move toward a “smart” city. This project contributes to the vitality of Montreal’s tourism industry and its international appeal.

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A Monumental Task

gbi was tasked with designing and building the necessary infrastructure to provide Île Notre-Dame with a fully independent outdoor private network, the first step toward making it a “smart” site.

As pioneers and trailblazers in this field, we succeeded in installing significant wired capacity, with nearly 3.5 km of fibre-optic cable and 17 routers, each with 6 exit points. 

Adapting to the Environment

The environment is central to our engineers’ concerns, which is why gbi ensures that environmental protection and sustainable development are integrated into our designs, work and achievements.

For this project on Île Notre-Dame, gbi adapted to nature. During the work, the vegetation was left untouched and all the peat that was removed in order to carry out the work was put back in its place. In addition, the installed surface equipment blends in seamlessly with the environment.

COVID-19 construction site training

In the current context of extraordinary health measures, gbi’s professionals can provide you with COVID-19 construction site training. This training is based on the new health standards introduced by the Quebec government and the CNESST. 

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