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Final Cover of Chibougamau’s Engineered Landfill Site

The City of Chibougamau tasked gbi to produce the final cover for cells 10 and 12 of Chibougamau’s engineered landfill site, covering an area of approximately 3,700 m².

Biology, Health, hygiene and safety, Occupational hygiene, Waste Management

Our mandate

The work included the installation of a geosynthetic multilayer liner system, granular material, a passive vent for the release of the landfill gases and related components.

In addition to the conventional elements of the project, our teams proposed a few new aspects, which helped improve the environmental impact and biodiversity of this type of site.

Project particularities

The project was completed in 7 weeks. Given the scope of the work that had to be done, it was essential that all stakeholders involved act in a coordinated manner. 

A training component was added to the project, during which we taught the technical staff the best methods for maintaining an engineered landfill.