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Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI)

The construction project of the Innovative Vehicle Institute (IVI) is distinctive for its use of energy-efficient equipment, but also for its educational vocation. The Institute is a collegial center for technology transfer, affiliated with the Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, a Quebec benchmark in the electrification and automation of transport.

Building, Sustainable development
Education, Science and technology, Sustainable development  
Engineering, Project design and supervision
2021- 2023

The use of wood

The mandate for the structure experts of gbi was to design a high-tech building whose frame is made entirely of wood.

The walls used as bracing in the building are made of cross-laminated timber (CLT), so they are continuous wooden walls from the foundation to the roof. Most of the structural panels arrived in huge, single pieces on site.

Another innovative solution in the structure was the use of curtain walls with load-bearing mullions in glued laminated wood. Since the mullions are also used as supporting columns, this meets two needs with a single structural element.

Ingenious calculations

Our experts had to carry out various calculations to ensure the viability of the innovative solutions.

As the CLT system is not subject to usual standards, our engineers must refer to research documents and models from Europe and elsewhere in the world. This results in a better look, less material usage and cost savings.

Ensuring quality of life for users

The building is a research facility that accommodates researchers, professors and students. It contains a laboratory and office spaces. gbi engineers have always kept in mind the application and integration of certain WELL, LEED and energy-efficient criteria in the IVI project.

In order to avoid the propagation of sound and vibrations generated by heavy vehicles throughout the building, the structural design was designed to separate the dynamo structures from the building. Thus, the portion serving as a laboratory is connected only by two footbridges to the portion serving as offices.

Finally, the lighting fixtures were embedded in the glued laminated wood beams to maintain an appearance that was both minimalist and spectacular.