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Materials Characterization Study for the Quebec City Tramway

gbi was tasked by Quebec City to provide services for the project involving the city’s public transportation infrastructure network.

Occupational hygiene


The project consisted of carrying out a characterization study of material likely to contain asbestos, lead, mercury and PCBs in several buildings slated for total demolition along the route of the future infrastructure of the Quebec City tramway system.

The project, still underway in early 2022, also includes the provision of cost estimates for the disposal and management of hazardous materials during the demolition of the buildings.

Services provided by the firm

As part of the project, gbi was tasked with providing professional industrial hygiene services.

In addition, a characterization report was produced for each building and a complete inventory of the different materials identified (asbestos, lead, mercury, PCB) was undertaken. 

An assessment of the budget for the demolition work was also developed, based on the contaminants present in the buildings.  

Approach used

During the project, gbi planned visits, reviewed previous existing studies and established a sampling strategy.  

gbi was also responsible for providing all equipment and instrumentation for the land surveys and with completing building and infrastructure characterizations.

Project particularities

This engineering project for Quebec City’s public transit infrastructure network had certain specific features.

Campaigns were carried out in several buildings with different uses (commercial, residential, institutional) with the participation of their occupants.  

The project also included: the characterization of contaminants (asbestos, lead, hazardous materials); sample collection, analysis and management (material likely to contain asbestos, material likely to contain lead); the production of records and cost estimates for demolition work.