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Modular housing for Industries Bonneville

This housing project of 36 modular units with a wooden structure includes 24 housing on four floors which were assembled on an underground parking lot. Carried out by a multidisciplinary gbi team, this is a laboratory project for the client to demonstrate the performance of this type of construction while responding to the growing need for lower cost housing construction.

Building, Sustainable development
Multi-residential, Residential, Sustainable development  
Engineering, Project design and supervision
Civil, Electricity, Mechanic, Structure

Technical challenges

Module-to-module and module-to-foundation assembly techniques are a central point of the project in order to resist shearing and overturning forces caused by wind and earthquake forces. The challenge of attaching the modules to each other and to the foundations is that some faces of the modules are only accessible momentarily until the next module is installed. The installation sequence was very important during the design, since it had a direct impact on the possible assembly methods to be carried out.

Moreover, despite the differences between the modules and their unique calculation models, the integrated design with the collaboration of stakeholders made it possible to standardize the connections, promoting efficiency and safety on the construction site.

  • 1

    waste container versus 24 containers on a traditional construction site

  • 4.5

    day for assembly

  • Zero

    waste of materials

Design responding to social and environmental issues

This project presents a replicable model that responds to the challenges of housing shortages. The housing crisis is a major concern, and we are proposing a concrete solution for the supply of affordable housing, within a short time frame. Incorporating cohabitation housing, housing designed to meet the need for teleworking and some reserved for foreign workers, this project offers a varied range of housing types in the same building.

This multi-dwelling unit offers durability equivalent to that of a traditional building, demonstrating the careful planning and integration of sustainable solutions without compromising the quality or robustness of the structure. A concern for local and Quebec suppliers has also been deployed in order to promote the local economy and limit the environmental impact of the project.

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