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Royalmount aims to create a vibrant, multifunctional urban hub that will be green, local and innovative. The eco-responsible target aims for a 93% reduction in CO2 emissions through the implementation of an energy transfer loop and the use of clean energy. As a result, this new urban destination located in the heart of the city will set new standards by adopting the best technological practices for the environment, sustainable development and green and active mobility. 

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A multifunctional urban hub that is green, local and innovative. 

The site will allow for a wide variety of uses, such as hotels, offices, businesses, restaurants, cinemas, concert halls and other types of entertainment. The project will revolve around a vibrant space within a visionary complex with distinctive architectural features. 

Upon completion of phases 1A and 1B, the shopping centre and underground parking lots will occupy an area of 43,754,122ft2, in addition to a 238,155ft2 outdoor parking area. gbi has been tasked with the following phases: preliminary study; concept and preliminary design, final plans and specifications; as well as construction supervision for this project.  

Soil Traceability

We are also proud of having been the first firm in Quebec to propose the use of the “Traces Québec” program as part of the private project Royalmount. In fact, the Réseau Environnement, in partnership with WikiNet, offers the first integrated contaminated soil traceability solution in Quebec.

Implemented on a web platform, the “Traces Québec” traceability system allows owners of contaminated soils to track the movement of their materials in real time and to have an encrypted, confidential and archived record of the relocated soils. In an age of transparency and environmental citizenship, “Traces Québec” allows owners of contaminated soils to show beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are examples of environmental stewardship.

Working together to envision tomorrow’s world.

We believe in our employee’s ability to help us create a world rooted in our values of continuous innovation, responsible management and sustainable development.


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