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Solano property development

In the design of the Solano units, where urban chic meets contemporary sophistication, gbi acted as a leader in mechanical, electrical and civil engineering. Made up of two distinct blocks, this property development is located along Clock Tower Quay in Old Montreal and offers a breathtaking view of the city.

Multi-residential, Cultural and sports, public building, Recreational, Residential
Engineering, Project design and supervision
Civil, Electricity, Mechanic, Structure
2010 - 2014

Block F – Phase 1

Located on De La Commune Street, phase 1 of this project includes two condominium towers:

  • Tower A, with 71 units on 9 floors
  • Tower B, with 98 units on 14 floors and three underground parking levels with 92 spaces.


  • Historic architecture of Old Montreal
  • Different types of modular constructions according to the owner’s preferences and choices: loft, condo or penthouse
  • 40% window-wall ratio
  • Indoor gardens with natural light
  • Rooftop terraces with gardens and multi-sport areas: gym, sauna, showers and bathrooms
  • Indoor pool in common areas
  • Mechanical rooms coordinated in the basement

Block G – Phase 2

The second phase of this multipurpose condo and townhouse project includes four buildings with 570 units in all, with a total area of 578,440 square feet. These buildings offer the same advantages of phase 1, with riverside calm and access to paths.


  • Construction of Tower G1: 126 units on 9 floors
  • Construction of Tower G2: 154 units on 18 floors
  • Construction of Tower G3: 130 units on 9 floors
  • Construction of Tower G4: 160 units on 18 floors
  • Centralization of electromechanical systems
  • Three levels of underground parking with a total of 570 spaces