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The gbi HUB 

When it came time to redesign its workspaces, the engineering firm wanted the best resources to collaborate on its design. So gbi hired itself! Nearly 50 experts got involved internally to design, plan and supervise this major project, which accommodates more than half of its talented employees.

Building, Sustainable development
Commercial, Project management, Sustainable development  
Engineering, Project design and supervision, Project management , Sustainable development
Electricity, Energetic efficiency, LEED certification and others, Mechanic, Planning

Much more than simple offices

This new place is a hub where cutting-edge talent can meet and connect !

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  • 30000

    square feet space 

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A unifying space

Facilitating Cross-department Synergy

gbi decided to leave the ceilings exposed in most of its spaces to reveal the room’s mechanical design.

Given the height and area of the room, acoustic comfort became a priority. We added a large suspended felt grid to the ceiling and installed carpeting on the floor to improve the acoustics of work spaces in open-plan areas. Phone booths are within easy reach of users.

Revamped design for the comfort of the occupants

Recent studies have shown that buildings have a significant impact on the health and well-being of their occupants. WELL certification is a new building standard that focuses on these concepts by evaluating projects on seven criteria: water, air, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

Choice of materials

A palette consisting of a variety of finishes was developed to create separate areas, each with its own personality.

While maintaining gbi’s colours, we combined the different colours and textures in order to create the gbi HUB, a community space within the offices. Special attention was paid to ensuring that the materials would be easy to clean due to the number of users in the spaces.

Join our engineering collective in Repentigny

At gbi, we believe in each employee’s potential and we make sure that the right conditions are in place to allow them to achieve it.

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