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Second Prestigious Award for the CISSS des Laurentides and gbi

The Centre Intégré de Santé et de Services Sociaux (CISSS) des Laurentides and gbi were honoured to receive a second award for their mobile medical device reprocessing unit project at the 2022 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards ceremony held on November 3rd in Ottawa. This recognition is preceded by another award in the Buildings Mechanical/Electrical category of the Quebec Association of Consulting Engineering Grands Prix in September. 

Organized by the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies-Canada and by Canadian Consulting Engineer magazine, this competition aims to award the most outstanding projects in the engineering sector throughout the country. It is the highest distinction in Canada’s consulting engineering sector.

Its mobility and, more importantly, its flexibility and complete autonomy in terms of pure water and instrumentation air make the mobile medical device reprocessing unit project of the CISSS des Laurentides a first in Quebec. Although its design was a logistics challenge for the building mechanical/electrical teams at gbi, they brilliantly fulfilled their mandate.

“We’re honoured to receive this award. It’s an innovative project, developed by the teams at the CISSS des Laurentides, in collaboration with gbi, and we’re very proud of it. This initiative will maintain or increase the medical instrument sterilization capacity of a facility when different renovation or construction work is being carried out,” stated Rosemonde Landry, President and CEO of the CISSS des Laurentides. 
“We’re proud that the jury recognized the innovative nature and essential nature of our project for hospitals in the Laurentians. This mobile unit makes sterilization services more flexible and agile. We’re very pleased with this ingenious collaboration with the CISSS des Laurentides,” mentioned Alexandre Blain, Director, Mechanical/Electrical and project manager for gbi.

About the CISSS des Laurentides  

The CISSS des Laurentides, with over 100 facilities, is a big family of experts committed to the health of the people it serves. Patients are central to its vision. The organization stands out for the excellence of its professionals in their respective areas of activity and for its innovation-focused organizational culture.

The CISSS des Laurentides encompasses hospitals, CLSCs, residential centres, protection and rehabilitation centres for young people with adjustment problems and rehabilitation centres for people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. Our teams, known for their engagement and professionalism, work hand-in-hand to provide quality services.

About gbi  

With nearly 60 years of history and innovation under its belt, gbi continues to push the boundaries of engineering, committed to its vision of embracing the engineering of tomorrow. As pioneers and leaders in the consulting engineering business, we provide professional services in several disciplines for clients in the public and private sectors. Seeing our clients succeed is our top priority, our motivation, and our source of pride.