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Simon Arpin, ing., M.Ing., PMP, DASM, RCx, CBCPI

Simon Arpin: Thriving on Challenges

Outside of work, what are your interests and how does this contribute to your professional and personal balance?

"At home, music holds a significant place. My children are fully involved in playing instruments, both at school and at home. Although I'm not a musician, I'm a great music enthusiast.

I also developed a passion for the outdoors during my engineering studies at the University of Sherbrooke. This education not only shaped my career but also strengthened my love for nature. These moments of relaxation outdoors provide me with essential balance to maintain my overall well-being while stimulating my creativity and productivity at work."

What excites you the most about the engineering consulting field and how does it reflect in your daily work?

"Definitely the opportunity to directly interact with our clients and contribute to innovative solutions! Every day, I appreciate the chance to tackle complex challenges that come with significant constraints.

These stimulating interactions with our clients allow me to add value while cultivating strong relationships. My passion for innovation also reflects in my daily work as I am constantly looking for new creative approaches to solve technical problems."

Why did you return to the engineering consulting field, and what motivated your choice? "After a decade of experience in another sector, I felt the need to return to the stimulating environment of engineering consulting. The search for complex challenges was the driving force behind this return. The decisive factor was the prospect of working again alongside Marc Tremblay, Executive Vice President and CEO of gbi, a former colleague whom I had the privilege of reuniting with. The opportunity to collaborate with him reinforced my belief that gbi was the ideal place to tackle challenging and dynamic projects."

What recent project has impacted you the most and why?

"The project that has left a significant mark on me is the construction of the CHUM. Its complexity, exceptional scale, and extended duration contributed to making it a truly memorable learning experience."

gbi in 3 words for Simon:

"Family, rigor, ambition"