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The gbi HUB Opens in the Heart of Repentigny

The engineering consulting firm gbi has opened its new workspace in Repentigny, an environment with a strong group of Quebec engineers. Much more than simple offices, this new place is a hub where cutting-edge talent can meet and connect. Its name: the gbi HUB.

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When it came time to redesign its workspaces, the engineering firm wanted the best resources to collaborate on its design. So gbi hired itself! Nearly 50 experts got involved internally to design, plan and supervise this major project, which accommodates more than half of its talented employees. In short, gbi decided to invest in the region, where many of its employees live and work!

With a view to revitalizing spaces, gbi chose the Galeries Rive Nord to set up its offices, redesigned to bring together all its departments on one floor and promote knowledge sharing, interaction and collaboration. By participating responsibly in the development of Repentigny’s urban fabric, gbi is providing a comfortable, accessible workplace that is close to its employees and many services, thus encouraging the local economy.

As a leader in sustainable development, it is natural that the gbi HUB incorporates the highest certifications (LEED Gold and WELL™) in the field. Designed by and for its employees, the new spaces really bring together the best on the market.