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Resumption of construction activity

The new realities imposed by COVID-19 do not hold back our ideas and our creators. Our company employs people with innovative minds who are able to adapt to the current situation ...

For over 55 years, gbi has made every effort to meet the needs of its customer base and create strong and sustainable structures and infrastructure. gbi has built buildings, hospitals, schools, factories, roads, bridges and several infrastructures to meet the needs of society. 

The new realities imposed by COVID-19 are not holding back our ideas or our creators. Our company employs people with innovative mindsets who are able to adapt to the current situation.  

With its environmental health specialistsgbi also developed an occupational health and safety COVID-19 Construction Site training program. This training program was developed with the new health standard requirements in mind and is based on information from the Quebec government and the CNESST. 

We have everything we need today to meet your expectations, whether in terms of health, education, environment, water treatment, structure or infrastructure. We can quickly meet your needs, creating safe living spaces and environments for the whole population. 

The new social and health circumstances represent a challenge that gbi is prepared to take on with you. 

For more information on the COVID-19 Construction Site training program, write to or dial 514384-4222.