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Since 1963, gbi offers professional consulting engineering services in various sectors for both public and private clients.  

The expertise of gbi’s team of specialists allows its clients to count on reliable and sustainable infrastructure. Our main goal is to optimize your projects with a view to reducing operating costs and saving energy. 

Our firm has participated actively in the development of cities and municipalities in Quebec by designing robust, high-performance infrastructure. The wide variety of mandates that we have carried out has allowed us to build centralized multidisciplinary expertise, to ensure successful project outcomes. 

Prioritizing service quality means ensuring the success of your projects. 


Embracing tomorrow’s engineering.


To achieve this vision, gbi has adopted the following mission: 

To help our clients excel in their projects and achieve their goals, through superior technical skills and a close relationship.  

As an employer of choice, to allow our employees to achieve their full potential through continuous training and career and succession development, in an environment that is flexible, agile and adapted to today’s realities.  

To incorporate environmental protection and sustainable development into all that we do. 

To keep on top of technological developments, not as an end in itself, but for the benefit of society and our clients.  



Skilled: Skills are at the heart of our professionalism. Our reliable and careful calculations shape the success of our projects.  

Genuine: Our success depends on that of our clients. Their projects deserve the implementation of tailored, optimized, distinctive and uncompromising solutions.

Human: In a world that can sometimes be impersonal, our advantageous size offers the ideal balance between group strength and agility on a human scale 

Passionate: We love what we do, and our constant desire for challenges, innovation and the success of our clients remain the fundamental source of our motivation and pride.  


“We place people at the heart of our achievements and you can feel this atmosphere in the gbi offices. Each employee is unique and in their place with us. The progression and growth of our firm is based on discussion, the sharing of new ideas and different opinions, and it is this approach of openness towards others that has allowed us to innovate in the world of engineering. »

- Pierre-Samuel Beaudoin, Vice-President, Strategic Advisory Services.

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Our internal policies  

In 2013, gbi began developing ethical guidelines that emphasize accountability, integrity and impartialityvalues we share and want to promote. We believe it is vital for us to maintain the ethical standards of our profession to ensure continued client trust. 


Internal policies.