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Espace Montmorency

Espace Montmorency is a multifunctional project of 4 towers with an area of 1.3 million ft2 built to offer a range of services and an atmosphere worthy of a city center. In this important real estate project, gbi has set up an energy loop which connects the 4 towers, thus allowing the recovery and redistribution of the energy produced.

Building, Sustainable development
Multi-residential, Commercial, Hotel, Mixed projects, Residential, Sustainable development  
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Electricity, Energetic efficiency, LEED certification and others, Mechanic
2021 - 2023

Large-scale energy sharing

To successfully adapt a loop and thermal power system of unusual dimensions to large-scale and multi-use buildings, the technical challenges were diverse.

The energy loop being a water loop, whose temperature varies from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, it allows heat to be exchanged between uses. Unused energy rejected by office towers and commercial spaces is, for example, injected into residential towers to heat them, and vice versa.

Thanks to these exchanges and the recovery of energy between uses, this makes it possible to reduce needs and, of course, energy costs. At the same time, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are also reduced. It is also important to mention that this energy loop connecting the various buildings is connected to a single thermal power source.

TOD (Transit Oriented Development)

The four towers and the energy loop are located in a district where we find the principle of TOD (Transit Oriented Development). This type of neighborhood is intended to be a medium or high density real estate development that is structured around high-capacity public transportation.

The project is in fact located above the Montmorency metro station and next to the bus station. The objective of TODs is to densify to save on transport, air conditioning and everything that can be shared. This is an approach increasingly used in the development of urban areas. The Montmorency project could thus serve as a reference.

Mixed spaces

The diversity in the use of spaces required great creativity and all the expertise of our professionals to enable the necessary equipment to be integrated into all of the towers.

Particular attention was paid to all the services serving the building given the scale of the site. Sanitary and water services have been split for each of the towers while the rainwater network is directed to a common retention basin for the entire site. This rainwater is also partly recovered and redistributed in the residential tower.

Finally, it was also necessary to provide flexibility for the system according to future needs. The system can evolve over time, adapt and possibly provide energy to new buildings. System capacity and controls had to be designed around this need.