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Renovation of La Tuque airport facilities

The gbi transport team was mandated by the City of La Tuque to renovate the runway at La Tuque airport in the areas of civil and electrical engineering. This project responds to the growing challenges of modern aviation and the runway safety issues arising from the poor condition of the roadway.

Demolition, Engineering, Project design and supervision
Civil, Demolition, Electricity

Complex technique

The complexity of the project lies mainly in its ability to adapt to major thermal constraints and inherent ground movements. The bearing capacity must be impeccable despite natural drainage, which is unusual for this type of project.

The team developed a clever choice of materials, removing the paving and 100 millimeters of sand, then combining a stone amendment mixed with the existing soil.

  • 67 000

    m2 of runway area

  • 16 000

    tons of reused materials

  • 11 000

    truck trips avoided

Minimize social and environmental impacts

The drastic reduction in the transportation of materials needed for the project, resulting from the ingenious reuse of materials on site, resulted in a significant reduction in costs. This logistical efficiency also made it possible to avoid the movement of 16,000 tons of materials, which corresponds to 1,100 truck trips on the roads of the City of La Tuque, which would have led to an increase in traffic for the region and impacted the daily life of many residents. This reuse of materials allows the customer to save close to half a million dollars in transportation costs alone, which is also beneficial from an environmental perspective.