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Valérie Aubé, Eng. MBA

Valérie Aubé – Undaunted by Challenges

A team sports and outdoor activity enthusiast, Valérie Aubé likes to discover new things and take on challenges. Efficient and organized, she knows how to deal with adversity and successfully bring major projects to completion.

Valérie holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from Polytechnique Montréal, as well as a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Université Laval. She came to gbi right out of university and has been an engineer and project manager with us for over 5 years. She’s a woman of ambition.


Why did you choose civil engineering?

“I find it to be an exciting field that opens many doors,” said Valérie. “For young people who are trying to make up their minds, it’s a great option. I like the fact that our projects are concrete, that we can see them take shape and that they have a positive impact on society.”


What has your biggest success been so far?

The Verdun Beach project, which won the 2020 Grands Prix de génie-conseil award,” said Valérie. “It’s a great success milestone in my career up to now.”
It’s important to point out that this project had a very tight timeline, that work was more complex due to the construction of a play area over a former landfill, and that a further layer of complexity was added by working in water in winter.
“I’m proud of how I grew personally through this project. I started as a junior engineer and I took advantage of the opportunities that came my way to become a project manager.“

For you, what does it mean to be a woman in engineering?

“It’s nice to see that women like me are able to take our place and that this reality is improving, because there are very few of us in the field. I see that people are more open-minded and that the situation is getting better and better.”


In your opinion, what sets gbi apart?

“The size of the company is ideal,” said Valérie. “I was given important responsibilities right from the start, which allowed me to grow professionally in a very short time.”
“We receive support from experienced senior engineers, which gives us a chance to learn faster than in other firms,” she added. “I can see that my professional development means a lot to them and that gbi wants to see me grow. I feel that my superiors are attuned to my needs. Every time I’ve had doubts, they have supported me in my career plan and offered me new opportunities.“


gbi in 3 words for Valérie

Team, competence and integrity